Application for Membership

Per our constitution:

Membership shall be open to any person who subscribes to the aims and objects of the association and who pays the prescribed fee for a membership year (currently free of charge).

To apply to become a member of the Association a person must:

  • submit an application for membership to the Committee:
    • (i) in a form approved by the Committee (this online form); and
    • (ii) signed by the person

Objects and purposes

The purpose of the Association is to be a focus for multidisciplinary activity in support of primary health care in remote and Indigenous Australia.

The objects of the Association are as follows:

  • To improve health and medical services available to people living in Central, remote and rural Australia.

CARPA shall advance its objects by the following means:

  • To provide expertise and governance for the maintenance of a standard treatment manual for use in central and northern Australian practice.
  • To provide opportunities for multidisciplinary education and training.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary forum to address primary health care issues in Central Australia.
  • To provide a place for multidisciplinary interaction on primary health policy.
  • To provide a vehicle for primary health care workers to play a public health advocacy role
  • To do any other legal activity to further the mission of CARPA