Northern Territory Election Briefing

CARPA recently joined the Climate and Health Alliance as part of our strategic focus on climate and health.  We would urge all members to visit their website: CARPA is proud to be one of the signatories to the Northern Territory Election Briefing: Heat, Climate Change, Health and the Need for Urgent Action which urges all political parties to consider the effect of extreme heat on health. 

Vaccine Story

The journey a vaccine takes to a remote Australian community
A short health promotion video telling the story of a vaccine’s journey from a supply centre to administration in a remote Aboriginal community in a novel, engaging and culturally appropriate manner.
Vaccine Story: The journey a vaccine takes to a remote Australian community

What we do

Support Education and Professional Development

CARPA supports the education and professional development of remote and Indigenous health
professionals. We do this though sponsoring education events and supporting individuals to undertake
activities or attend events.

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Develop Resources

CARPA develops resources to support high quality care in remote and Indigenous health, including activities to improve the utilisation of the Remote Primary Health Care Manuals.

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Governance of Remote Primary Health Care Manuals

CARPA plays a key role in the governance and production of the Remote Primary Health Care Manuals. These are a suite of clinical guidelines for primary health care practitioners working in remote Indigenous health services. They guide clinical practice in many areas across rural and remote Australia.